HVAC Maintenance: Our Customer Confidence Program

With the hot summer weather, there’s no doubt about the continual operation of your air conditioning systems. This makes it more important to enroll your units to a maintenance program with your trusted HVAC company. If you are in St. Louis, MO and nearby towns, our professionals at Environmental Heating and Cooling have the right solutions for all your HVAC maintenance needs. By enrolling in our Customer Confidence program, you can enjoy year-round comfort and savings, plus a lot more! Benefits of Customer Confidence Program Our Customer Confidence Program is designed to preserve your system, eliminate or reduce unexpected repair bills, and ensure top performance of your heating and cooling units all from season to season. The program includes an annual $170 fall and spring maintenance for your furnace and air conditioners ($130 annually for each additional unit in the same household). Here are the benefits that you can enjoy!
  • 100% Program Payback
It pays to be a member of our program but the money you invested will soon be brought back in the form of discounts and energy-savings. Note, however, that services by anyone not authorized by Environmental Heating and Cooling will cause any warranties and obligations provided under this agreement to be null and void.
  • Extends the Life of the Unit
By submitting your heating and cooling systems to regular maintenance schedules, you are doing your share in keeping the systems in tip-top shape. With this, you can guarantee that your investment will reach its expected lifespan or even years more. With the increasing price of a new HVAC system, this maintenance program can truly save you from great expense.
  • Priority Emergency Services During Business Hours
Summer is a busy season for HVAC technicians but if you are a member of our Customer Confidence Program, you can enjoy priority services for your HVAC system. When it fails in the middle of the long summer day, expect that you’ll get immediate help from our professionals. Other benefits include 10% discount on replacement parts, humidifiers, and air purification; 100% transferable (new homeowners must continue maintenance agreement; lock in renewal rate; and no overtime fees. Don’t be the last to enjoy these great benefits! Visit our page to learn more about the products and services we offer for the betterment of your comfort and savings. Are you an existing member and know someone who deserves to be part of our maintenance agreement? Share this info and we’ll help them get started!