Air Conditioning Installation


York A/C SystemSpecializing in residential and commercial air conditioning installation, Environmental Heating and Cooling is dedicated to keeping clients in St. Louis, St. Louis County, and Jefferson County nice and cool. No job is too big or small, and we aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction on every project we undertake. We also offer a wide selection of air conditioner models at affordable prices to meet your specific needs.

Indoor Air Quality

As homes are being built smaller to conserve energy, indoor contaminants lead to indoor air quality issues. Also, residents tend to open their windows less often nowadays due to energy costs, drafts, noise and security issues.

We offer products and services to make the air you breathe in your home safe and clean. Also installing IAQ products will help your heating and cooling equipment run more efficiently and last longer. We have many different levels of filtration and UV air purifiers depending on what you or your home needs.

Heat Loads

Your building or room acquires heat from different sources- solar radiation, computers, lighting, copiers, machinery, etc. The sum of all these sources of heat combined is referred to as heat load.

Heat load, measured in BTU (British Thermal Units) or Kw (Kilowatts)., is the amount of heat needed to be removed within a certain period of time.

For your air conditioning unit to cool your building, the output should be higher than the heat load. Hence, it is important to perform a heat load calculation before purchasing an AC unit.

Environmental Heating & Cooling offers heat load calculations with an estimate to ensure proper duct sizing, proper unit sizing, proper indoor air quality, and reduced initial unit cost.


When you work with Environmental Heating and Cooling, our trained service technicians will sit down with you to discuss your needs and help you find the best air conditioning system for your budget. We pride ourselves on working hard to ensure not only affordability, but quality and complete customer satisfaction as well. So whether you need air conditioning installation for a small home or an entire office building, our highly trained and experienced contractors will provide fast, high-quality service you can depend on.

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