Upgrade Your Insulation for Optimal Year-Round Comfort

Upgrade Your Insulation for Optimal Year-Round Comfort Your house is susceptible to cold and hot swings so you need more than just a cooling and heating unit to give the comfort you deserve. While your HVAC system takes care of the air that is going in and out of the house, insulation manages moisture and thermal protection. The need for insulation upgrade may not seem as urgent for those who live in temperate regions, but areas in US that experience extreme weather, it is necessary. Today, you will discover why you need your home’s insulation upgraded for maximum comfort. Read this! Why Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation? So far, insulation is proven effective and practical way of cutting energy cost without compromising comfort. Every homeowner has to know how insulation or its absence affects the indoor temperature and energy consumption. Having your home’s insulation improved gives you access to enjoy these prime benefits:
  • Excellent Comfort on Extreme Conditions
Insulation upgrade means improved comfort for the whole family. It keeps warm air inside on winter and out during hot seasons. The amount of heat produced or lost is well regulated with the use of quality insulating materials. Just make sure they are expertly installed for best performance.
  • Maximum Cut on Energy Cost
Cut half on your energy bill with proper insulation. Considering your cooling and heating units are working full force, your home still loses as much as 20% of its conditioned air if it is under-insulated. But once insulation has greatly improved, you do not need your HVAC system to run all day. Insulation acts as a heat barrier for houses which pays itself on energy savings.
  • Utmost Peace
Insulation is effective for noise reduction. The amount of noise you hear inside the house is reduced by 40%. The transfer of noise from one room to another in insulated houses is reduced, making your home more peaceful and quiet. Which Areas of the House Should You Insulate? All areas of the house that serve as entry or exit points of air should be properly insulated. It is not just the roof that needs insulation but also your attic, floor, walls and even your basement and storage area. Prioritizing these areas for your home’s insulation upgrade accounts as much as 84% on your energy expense. As results, you prolong the shelf life of your HVAC system and achieve the level of comfort you want all year. Visit at Environmental Heating and Cooling for a professional home insulation service. We are more than glad to serve you!