The Benefits and Drawbacks of Air Humidifiers

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Air Humidifiers Do you experience dry and itchy skin, sore throat, irritated eyes and chapped lips in the cold season? These are the effects of extremely low humidity levels inside your home. While putting plants inside and using lotions as added moisturizers can help lessen the damages, you can use a humidifier as a more effective solution to combat dry indoor air. Humidifiers are proven effective in maintaining the right amount of moisture inside the home. However, there are also known problems that come along with its use. Here are some of the things you need to learn about using humidifiers: Benefits of Humidifiers
  • Improved Health
Humidifiers help create an indoor environment that is less conducive for cold, flu, and other diseases. By adding moisture in the air, humidifiers make disease-causing microorganisms virtually ineffective, thus reducing the spread of illnesses inside your home. This is also the reason why humidifiers are widely-used in hospitals and other medical facilities.
  • Better Comfort
A humidifier can do wonders in boosting your comfort in the cold months. Aside from preventing health-related concerns, it also reduces the chances of static electricity. A spark of static can damage your electronics, and you are more likely to face expensive repair services for your appliances.
  • Savings
The added moisture can bring extra heat so you will feel warmer without depending too much on your HVAC system. With this, you can lower the thermostat setting by a degree or two and save money in the long cold months. Drawbacks of Humidifiers
  • Breeding Ground For Bacteria and Fungi
There are known microorganisms that thrive in the dirty air humidifier filters and tanks such as the Legionella pneumophila which is the cause of Legionnaire’s disease. Be sure to clean your humidifiers regularly to prevent health-related issues.
  • Noise
All air humidifiers produce sounds during the operation, but the intensity of the noise most likely depends on the type of device installed.
  • Excessive Moisture
Humidifiers add moisture in the air, but these are not self-regulated devices. There are times that excessive amounts of moisture are given to your home. Luckily, humidifiers with humidistats or hygrometers are now available in the market. These are helpful devices that control the operation of your humidifier so that the right level of humidity is conserved. Humidifiers are helpful devices once used and maintained properly. If you need one before the winter season arrives, feel free to talk to our professionals at Environmental Heating and Cooling. We can help you find the best device for your unique home. Give us a call now!