Raise Your Comfort Level With YORK’s Newest HVAC Products

Raise Your Comfort Level With YORK’s Newest HVAC Products As your local HVAC contractor in St. Louis, MO, Environmental Heating and Cooling is aware of the changing demands of home and business owners as years pass by. Greater comfort, more savings, eco-friendly choices – these are a few of the many factors that people are particular about. Good thing, if you are along our service area, we have the advanced units for your unique needs. Check out these newest YORK products which guarantee cleaner operations for the environment and better comfort and savings for you!
  • Affinity™ Series

Reward yourself with these advanced heating and cooling units and level up your comfort and savings all year-round. Backed by innovative comfort solutions, these systems can tailor the operation of the unit in response to the climate in your area and guarantee efficient and silent performance for your best comfort and convenience. Choose from Affinity™ Series gas furnaces, air handlers, heat pumps or air conditioning units and enjoy an array of benefits in the years to come.
  • YORK® Affinity™ Smart Thermostats

It is time to end your worries about managing your home’s comfort while away from home. With YORK® Affinity™ Smart Thermostats, you can connect with your heating and cooling systems from anywhere. This smartphone-based, Wi-Fi® capable YORK® touch-screen thermostat gives you the ability to manage your home’s comfort setting through internet access and via the thermostat app.
  • YORK® Energy Recovery Ventilator

Indoor air quality is an important element in a healthy home. The YORK® Energy Recovery Ventilator will cut down your uncertainties about the condition of your indoor air. It works with your existing central air duct system to deliver fresh air throughout your home. Its efficient heat transfer offers great energy conservation which means you can enjoy a healthy indoor air at a minimal operation of your comfort systems.
  • Ultraviolet Air Treatment System

The Ultraviolet Air Treatment System helps keep a healthy indoor environment by thoroughly cleaning the coil and removing the DNA of organisms that can pollute the air that passes through. The ultraviolet lamps provide an efficient 24/7 operation, so you do not have to worry about the allergy seasons. Why settle for less? Invest in any of these up-to-date systems and bring your home comfort to a whole new level. HVAC units are a great investment, so be sure to hire a reputable company to guide you along the way. Talk to our experts at Environmental Heating and Cooling for guaranteed services.