• Benefits Of Wi-Fi Thermostats  

    You might have heard from your neighbors about the amazing benefits of Wi-Fi thermostat, but still doubtful whether it’s a good investment for your home. Here are good reasons why you need make a thermostat upgrade and shift to this innovation. Great Savings Lie Ahead Wi-Fi thermostats help reduce your energy consumption by making sure that you can easily make adjustments on the temperature inside your home. It’s also a self-learning device that can detect your absence in the house so it will automatically adjust the setting when you forget to do so. Set Alerts Wi-Fi thermostats have friendly apps which are beneficial in contr... Read More

  • Why Clean Air Ducts Are Important?

    Aside from regularly changing your air filters, cleaning air ducts is also a great trick for better performance of your heating and cooling system. Dirty duct is one of the possible reasons why you’re having dust problems, indoor pollution and inefficient system performance. When should you clean your air ducts? Small amount of dusts in the ducts however is not dangerous furthermore, it’s still better not to wait for them to build-up and cause trouble. You need to have your air ducts cleaned when: There’s a large amount of mold build-up. Molds grow in population when there is high moisture in a certain area, and air duct is ... Read More

  • Beware Of These 5 HVAC Scams

      Whether it’s a heat surge or a cold wave, we need our HVAC units to give us the comfort that we need. And when they fail, we immediately call our local technicians to keep them running again.  Unluckily, not all HVAC technicians are committed to working ethically. Most homeowners are cheated on by deceitful service providers. Be familiar with these common shady HVAC deals that dishonest companies use to trick their customers. Suggest unnecessary replacement Time will come that some parts of your system will break and must be replaced. You need an HVAC specialist to identify these faulty components. There are technician... Read More

  • 5 Common Types of Air Purifiers

      Shopping for an air purifier? Below are 5 common types of filters and purifiers that can be used in varying combinations. HEPA Filter High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is the most common air purifier. It filters particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as bacteria, chemicals and some viruses. HEPA filters create healthier indoor air since they can trap small organism and do not produce harmful byproducts such as ozone. The more air moves through it, the more it is cleaned and filtered. When it is already filled with blocked particles, air can longer pass through. This is the time that you need to purchase a new ... Read More

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