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  • New HVAC Installation: What To Consider

    Have you decided to install a new HVAC unit in your home? Well, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Knowing your options and working with a professional HVAC company to install the right unit means mean the battle. Here are important factors to consider for new HVAC installation. Quality Quality should be your top criterion when picking a new heating or cooling system for your home. Sometimes, it can get very easy to sacrifice quality for cost. However, you should know that choosing quality does not mean you’re spending so much for it. While it is true that the initial price could be a bit higher, but HVAC eq... Read More

  • Fire Up The Furnace And Winterize Your Home

    Just like all other appliances in your home, your furnace also collects dust. Since winter is fast approaching, sooner or later you have to fire it to keep your home warm. If you had your system professionally checked, you might not have any issues when you switch it on for the first time. Otherwise, here are some important precautions that you should not forget. Change air filters. It’s important to replace air filters after weeks of HVAC activities. This will keep the system running efficiently and prevents dust and other airborne particles from getting into the air you breathe. Clear the surrounding area of your furnace. Fl... Read More

  • Benefits Of Wi-Fi Thermostats  

    You might have heard from your neighbors about the amazing benefits of Wi-Fi thermostat, but still doubtful whether it’s a good investment for your home. Here are good reasons why you need make a thermostat upgrade and shift to this innovation. Great Savings Lie Ahead Wi-Fi thermostats help reduce your energy consumption by making sure that you can easily make adjustments on the temperature inside your home. It’s also a self-learning device that can detect your absence in the house so it will automatically adjust the setting when you forget to do so. Set Alerts Wi-Fi thermostats have friendly apps which are beneficial in contr... Read More

  • Why Clean Air Ducts Are Important?

    Aside from regularly changing your air filters, cleaning air ducts is also a great trick for better performance of your heating and cooling system. Dirty duct is one of the possible reasons why you’re having dust problems, indoor pollution and inefficient system performance. When should you clean your air ducts? Small amount of dusts in the ducts however is not dangerous furthermore, it’s still better not to wait for them to build-up and cause trouble. You need to have your air ducts cleaned when: There’s a large amount of mold build-up. Molds grow in population when there is high moisture in a certain area, and air duct is ... Read More

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