How To Know If It Is Time For Furnace Repair?

How To Know If It Is Time For Furnace Repair? Has it been a while since your last furnace maintenance appointment? You could be subjected to a furnace service anytime soon. You probably have dirty filters, wiring issues, failing motors, and control switch problems that can hinder your unit’s proper operation. You never want any of this to happen given the fact that you rely on your furnace for comfort during the long cold days. But let’s face it; HVAC issues are inevitable even if you have your HVAC system regularly maintained. This is the reason why we make our technicians at Environmental Heating and Cooling always available for any repair needs of our clients in St. Luis, MO and nearby communities. Check out these HVAC conditions that signify your need for professional HVAC repair service:
  • Malfunctioning Blower
Take time to diagnose your blower motor’s operation. Is it working too loud? Is the air blowing through seem too weak? Can you hear unnecessary sounds whenever it starts to operate? Pay attention to simple details of your blower motor for they might signify major issues in the system. If you are unsure of its service, call an expert for professional diagnoses and repair.
  • Insufficient Heat In Your Home
Do you feel like your home is not getting enough heat from your furnace? You probably have issues with your thermostat. Another reason could be an undersized furnace. A very small unit will not provide enough heating for your home and that’s why you feel insufficient to no heat at all. Other reasons include pilot light and gas source issues, all of which need professional inspection and repair.
  • Too Loud Sound During the Operation
Check if your furnace is producing loud noises which were not there before. Depending on the sound, you might have minor or major issues in your furnace that need immediate solutions.
  • Water Pooling
Do you see water pooling around your furnace? This is usually caused by a clogged condensate line due to dirt, dust and mold accumulation. You will need to call a professional plumber and HVAC technician for assistance and proper repair.
  • Rapidly Increasing Energy Bill
If your energy usage does not change, but your monthly energy bill shoots up, a malfunctioning furnace can be the reason. An HVAC professional can help you determine the exact situation and find the right solutions. Now you know when it’s time to schedule an HVAC repair service. At Environmental Heating and Cooling, we are always here when you need us. Give us a call, and we’ll take it from there!