A Guide To Hiring A Commercial HVAC Contractor

A Guide To Hiring A Commercial HVAC Contractor You need a certified HVAC contractor to properly install, maintain or replace your commercial HVAC equipment. But with sea of options, it can be hard to choose the right guy. Here are helpful tips to help you find the right commercial HVAC contractor in your area. Seek referrals. Ask your friends or family members who can recommend you to a reliable service contractor in your area. A referral from a first-hand experience will result to a positive experience with an HVAC company. After shortlisting the candidates, ask them for references. Reputable commercial HVAC contractors are always glad to provide you a list of their previous customers you can contact for reference and recommendation. Check license and insurance. Find out if the company is fully licensed and insured to do business. Verify their credentials including federal and state licenses and insurance information. You can also ask for certifications in servicing commercial heating and cooling units. Ask about the company’s experience. Your commercial HVAC contractor should have experience in installing, repairing and maintaining different types and models of heating and cooling units. Otherwise, repair jobs may take more time, cost you more money and may need frequent and unnecessary service later. Know if the company’s technicians are up to date with the latest techniques. It also pays off to hire contractors who undergo continuing education and training to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in the HVAC industry. Your commercial HVAC unit is a significant investment, and you would want nothing but to get the most of its performance and savings. Get the details in writing. After choosing your local HVAC contractor, it’s time to get the project proposals in writing. It must include all the information relevant to your project, and should include your goals and needs. Contact Environmental Heating & Cooling to keep your commercial HVAC units working at their finest.