November 28, 2017

Fire Up The Furnace And Winterize Your Home

Fire Up The Furnace And Winterize Your Home
Just like all other appliances in your home, your furnace also collects dust. Since winter is fast approaching, sooner or later you have to fire it to keep your home warm. If you had your system professionally checked, you might not have any issues when you switch it on for the first time. Otherwise, here are some important precautions that you should not forget. Change air filters. It’s important to replace air filters after weeks of HVAC activities. This will keep the system running efficiently and prevents dust and other airborne particles from getting into the air you breathe. Clear the surrounding area of your furnace. Flammable materials should not be located near or around your furnace. If you happen to put some of these materials on the area during the summer season, better move them before using your furnace. Test your thermostat. Check your thermostat’s heating mode. Have a room to room inspection using a digital thermostat to determine if there is accurate heating inside your home. Once your furnace is ready, move your attention to these home winterization tips to prepare your home for the cold season. Replace weather stripping. As time passes by, the weatherstripping on your doors and windows may peel off. Be sure to check and provide replacement if necessary to prevent chilly drafts. Clean your chimneys. Before building your first winter fire in your fireplace, be sure to schedule a professional cleaning and inspection on your chimney. Trim those trees. Conduct an all-around home check and cut short those trees and tall plants that could fall into your windows and power lines. Ice storms are present in some areas and the weight of ice can bring those trees down. Test your carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide leaks are mostly caused by damaged heat exchangers. This is a dangerous gas so be sure to have at least one carbon monoxide detector in each floor and test them regularly. Prepare the emergency kit. Anything can happen in winter so be sure to get those extra batteries, radio, flashlights, and medical supplies ready. Winter storms can develop anytime and leave you with no power and heat so it’s good to store woods for your fireplace, matches and supply of clean water and foods. Need help in keeping your home ready for the heating season? Environmental Heating & Cooling can provide you professional assistance this winter.    

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