Debunking Winter Furnace Myths

Debunking Winter Furnace Myths

Everyone would trade anything for comfortable living space in the winter season, and this even includes the weirdest heating recommendations from friends or neighbors. Unfortunately, some home heating advice seems to make sense but does not really work.

Don’t be fooled and know the truth behind these popular heating and furnace myths.

Myth #1: Unused room vents should be closed to reduce home heating cost.

Modern homes use forced-air heating systems which balance pressure level in each room so that heat will be distributed evenly. Closing the vents disturbs this balance and to equalize the pressure, the furnace has to work harder.

If you want to save power, we recommend you do the opposite. Make sure that the vents and registers are not blocked or obstructed by any appliance, rugs, and other objects.

Myth #2: Set the thermostat at the highest temperature to heat the home fast.

Actually, it does not work that way. Regardless of the temperature in the thermostat, furnaces heat the space at the same rate until the optimal temperature is reached. Setting the temperature too high will just add strain to your unit. To save energy, set the temperature a few degrees cooler to make it easy for the furnace to warm your home.

Myth #3: A high-efficiency furnace is just what you need to lower heating costs.

There’s no doubt about the benefits of a high-efficient furnace when it comes to reducing heating bills. However, this alone will not give you the savings you deserve. Other ways to keep a comfortable and efficient home this winter is by ensuring adequate insulation, ductwork inspection and repair, sealing cracks on doors and windows, and setting the thermostat at least 2 degrees lower.

Myth #4: A cold floor and wall is typical in the winter.

Are the floors and walls particularly cold? You may need to upgrade your insulation. Your home should keep cold air out and warm air in. Air leaks around windows, doors or ductwork can cause your walls and floors to become unusually cold. Be sure to seal them immediately.

muyth #5: Furnace maintenance is just another set of expenses.

You can consider it that way, but the expense is well-intentioned. You need an annual furnace maintenance check to keep your furnace in good performance all-year-round. It is also a requirement to keep the warranty valid.

It’s natural to want to keep comfortable and save energy using a variety of unsolicited advice, however, it is important to do a little homework and find the truth about these ideas. If you are in St. Louis, MO, we recommend you seek professional guidance from our techs at Environmental Heating and Cooling. We provide honest instructions and helpful assistance to all your heating and cooling needs. Call us!