Creepy Critters in Your HVAC

Creepy Critters in Your HVAC

Winter is the time of the year where you got to see a lot of unexpected visitors lurking in every corner of the house. Just like you, they also find shelter and comfort against the cold temperature and most of the time, your HVAC system is the perfect spot for them. The only problem is, their unique styles of living can bring chaos in some important components of your home such as the wiring systems and the ducts.

Meet some of the unexpected creepy critters in your HVAC unit:


Whether in summer or winter, you can find different kinds of spiders in the ducts, vents and air conditioners. While spiders don’t really harm your HVAC system’s components, it still uncomfortable to see creepy creatures crawling in your home. Additionally, they can put your health at risk as some spiders are dangerously venomous.


Cockroaches can lurk anywhere in the house, but most especially in the ductwork and dark, stinky places. Just like spiders, they don’t make much trouble in the ductwork. However, they carry diseases like cholera and diarrhea. They can also trigger allergic reactions, so you don’t really want to have them in your home. If you notice a large population of cockroaches in the duct, hire a pest control company to treat the infested area.


You may not think of it that much, but snakes can also find shelter in your ductwork. These cold-blooded animals also find a warm place to stay when the outside temperature hits 70 degrees or lower. Even in summer, there are cases that snakes can be seen around the coil, taking advantage of the heat it produces. There’s a chance that the fan blades can destroy the snake, but there’s also a possibility that the snake destroys the fan of your HVAC system.


Theseare the real enemies of your heating and cooling systems. Mice and rats can bring havoc in the system as they feed on the wires and build nests on the ducts. Direct contact with their feces, urines, and bites can bring danger to your health. Once they’re in, you need to schedule an appointment with a professional exterminator to get rid of them.

Are you looking for ways to control these pests in your home? It only takes a regular schedule of HVAC maintenance to reduce the occurrence of these critters. With that, our professionals at Environmental Heating and Cooling can help. Give us a call now!