8 Big Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioner

8 Big Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioner Whatever brand or type of air conditioner you have at home, it is necessary to handle it with proper care and maintenance. Failure to do so can create severe issues with your unit. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of the common mistakes that they are doing to their A/C systems.  And they possibly have no idea what the effects could be. Here are eight (8) mistakes you are probably making with your A/C unit right now.
  1. Setting the Thermostat Too Low
Want to cut up to 5% on your A/C bill? It is very simple. Just set your thermostat somewhere between 72 degrees and 78 degrees. Most homeowners make mistakes in setting their thermostat very low thinking they can save dollars on energy usage. What they do not know is that every degree that they raise the temperature, they also increase their savings on energy.
  1. Not Cleaning or Replacing Filters
Neglecting your A/C’s air filters can be one of the worst things you will do to your air conditioner. Homeowners with badly maintained air filters may suffer from respiratory diseases without warning. Air pollutants inhaled indoor can cause other health problems. Therefore, clean or change your filters as necessary to save your money and health.
  1. Not Investing in Smart Thermostat
Do you keep on adjusting the thermostat whenever you leave home or go somewhere? You do not need to do this if you have the programmable thermostat at home. Investing in smart thermostats can save you hundreds of dollars on your annual A/C bill.
  1. Wrong Positioning of Condenser Unit
When the outdoor unit is incorrectly positioned, it has a negative impact on your energy use. Placing it under direct sunlight causes it to work harder in keeping your home cool. Try positioning it somewhere with shade to maximize energy efficiency.
  1. Running Your Air Conditioner At All Times
Are you not giving your air conditioning unit a break? Running your unit 24/7 can cause havoc to the system and your bank as well. A piece of advice from the experts: let your cooling unit take a break. Program your thermostat to shut off your air conditioner when you are outside the house for work or other activities.
  1. Cooling Empty/Unused Rooms
You are wasting energy if you leave the vents open to rooms that are not used. What you should do is walk around the house and close A/C vents on unoccupied rooms.
  1. Not Taking Full Advantage of the Fans
Use any type of fan like ceiling fans to help the cool air circulate in the entire house.  Doing this eliminates a percentage of stress on your air conditioning unit. Let your ceiling fans turn counterclockwise to allow greater air flow.
  1. Not Putting Curtains or Blinds
Closing blinds or putting curtains in your rooms prevents bright sunlight from coming in. You also create a shield on your space against the sun’s heat. Do not commit the same mistakes again! Be guided by the experts at Environmental Heating & Cooling. Call us today for more helpful tips to avoid these mistakes.