5 HVAC Maintenance Tips Homeowners Should Know

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5 HVAC Maintenance Tips Homeowners Should Know   Your HVAC unit is responsible for your ultimate comfort, whether in your home or business. And when it’s not working properly, it gives you a frustrating experience. Fortunately, Environmental Heating & Cooling has some easy maintenance tips to keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape.
  1. Clean/Replace the filter.
Your reusable air filters deserve a good cleaning every month to keep them in good condition. For disposable filters, it’s a good bet to change them every month during the cooling season. Cleaning or replacing your air filter improves energy efficiency up to 15 percent.
  1. Check the thermostat.
Examine your thermostat to ensure that your desired indoor temperature is properly set. If you’re still using the traditional type, you can consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat automates various temperature settings throughout the day.
  1. Seal air leaks.
Air leaks can lead to energy loss and adversely impact your comfort. Check your ducts, doors and windows for leaks and open spaces and have them properly sealed. If you’re not sure if you can do the job, you can always bring in a pro.
  1. Keep the area around the outdoor unit clean.
Free the area around the outdoor unit from plants and other vegetation and remove dirt and debris. As a rule of thumb, give at least 2-feet clearance around the unit so it can smoothly draw air.
  1. Bring in a professional.
While there are simple DIY maintenance tasks, some should only be left to a professional HVAC technician. Your HVAC technician has what it takes to help you prevent your utility costs from getting out of control and improve the longevity of your unit. Contact us at Environmental Heating & Cooling for your HVAC maintenance needs. Our goal is to educate home and business owners about home comfort and energy issues.