5 Common HVAC Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common HVAC Mistakes To Avoid You are probably looking for ways to save on your heating and cooling expenses, but do not think that DIY installation and fixes on your units will do the trick. Do-it-yourself HVAC jobs are a big NO for a wise and savvy homeowners. Here are 5 common HVAC mistakes you need to avoid.
  1. Hiding or Covering The Outdoor Unit
We understand that your outdoor unit can be some sort of an eyesore, but hiding or covering your outdoor unit is not a good idea. Covering the unit can block air ventilation which can result in clogging. It is best to leave the unit with open space around it.
  1. Improper Positioning
It is not advisable to place your heating and cooling units near your thermostat. Hot appliances like TVs and lamps can trick your thermostat into thinking that it is hot inside your home. Improper positioning can leave you with high energy bills. Consult a qualified technician in St. Louis for proper positioning of your unit.
  1. Ignoring Strange Smells Or Sounds
If you begin smelling stale smells and hearing loud noises from your unit, you might receive a costly surprise on your bill later. A loud racket can be a sign of a bad system or there is something trapped inside it, which can potentially damage your unit. When you smell something rotten, chances are there is a small animal stuck and has died in there. Call a pro for help when you notice strange sounds or smells from your unit.
  1. DIY Installation & Fixes
As mentioned earlier, DIY is not a good proposition. If you think it is OK to install or repair your unit, you better hope that you will not cause any major damage. It is best to bring in a professional HVAC contractor to install or repair your HVAC systems. A qualified HVAC technician can install and repair heating and cooling units efficiently.
  1. Skipping Annual Maintenance
Annual maintenance of your heating and cooling unit is paramount. Your local technician will diagnose any issues before they escalate to bigger HVAC problems. Annual maintenance will improve the performance and efficiency of your heaters and air conditioners, and prevent early breakdown. Avoid these common HVAC mistakes to extend the life of your heating and cooling units. Get help from the experts at Environmental Heating & Cooling for your heating and cooling needs.