• COVID-19 Update from Environmental Heating & Cooling Beat The Heat with These 6 Cooling Tips

    When the weather outside starts to heat up, you know it’s time to turn to your air conditioning system for comfort and relief. However, cooling your St. Louis, MO home could really run up your meter. But don’t worry—Environmental Heating and Cooling is here to help! Here are six (6) cooling tips that can help you save money and stay comfortable this summer. Seal And Insulate Inspect your home and check the attic, basement, window, and door for drafts. Air leaks and poor insulation are among the culprits for high utility cost. So, make sure to seal any cracks or holes you find and schedule a professional energy audit with your local... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update from Environmental Heating & Cooling Top 5 A/C Service Calls in St. Louis, MO

    You could tell that something is wrong with your unit when you feel robbed of the comfort you deserve. Your air conditioner has been idle for months, so it might show some cooling problems. What are those issues? Let’s take a look at these top five (5) A/C service calls in St. Louis County: Refrigerant Leaks Your air conditioning system uses refrigerant to remove the heat from the air in your space. Leaks could develop around your unit when the refrigerant level is low. This can cause your compressor to overheat and your energy bill to rise. Before the issue gets worse, contact your local contractor for fast and professional A/C ser... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update from Environmental Heating & Cooling COVID-19: IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS

    Please be informed that Environmental Heating and Cooling will remain open to serve all of your HVAC needs despite the COVID-19 outbreak. Our team takes all the necessary precautions and adheres to health guidelines to safeguard our clients and staff. In these trying times, we want to share how we address the current situation. We have been proactively implementing a number of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and safely get through this peril. Despite the existing predicament, our heating and cooling services are still operational despite the situation. Our crew will remain active in responding to service calls while carefully... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update from Environmental Heating & Cooling How To Protect Your Heater In The Winter

    In the event of a surprising winter, how do you ensure your heater will operate properly and efficiently? Do these simple tasks to protect your comfort system against the harsh weather condition. Change Your Filters Having clean filters reduces stress on your unit which can lead to efficient operation and increased airflow. That also means big energy savings, greater comfort, and less chance of repairs. This is why changing your air filters at least once every three months can go a long way. Put this maintenance task to your calendar and set a reminder on your mobile phone so you won’t forget it. Don’t Block The Exhaust Another proble... Read More