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  • Debunking Winter Furnace Myths

    Everyone would trade anything for comfortable living space in the winter season, and this even includes the weirdest heating recommendations from friends or neighbors. Unfortunately, some home heating advice seems to make sense but does not really work. Don’t be fooled and know the truth behind these popular heating and furnace myths. Myth #1: Unused room vents should be closed to reduce home heating cost. Modern homes use forced-air heating systems which balance pressure level in each room so that heat will be distributed evenly. Closing the vents disturbs this balance and to equalize the pressure, the furnace has to work har... Read More

  • Creepy Critters in Your HVAC

    Winter is the time of the year where you got to see a lot of unexpected visitors lurking in every corner of the house. Just like you, they also find shelter and comfort against the cold temperature and most of the time, your HVAC system is the perfect spot for them. The only problem is, their unique styles of living can bring chaos in some important components of your home such as the wiring systems and the ducts. Meet some of the unexpected creepy critters in your HVAC unit: Spiders Whether in summer or winter, you can find different kinds of spiders in the ducts, vents and air conditioners. While spiders don’t really harm yo... Read More

  • Raise Your Comfort Level With YORK’s Newest HVAC Products

    As your local HVAC contractor in St. Louis, MO, Environmental Heating and Cooling is aware of the changing demands of home and business owners as years pass by. Greater comfort, more savings, eco-friendly choices – these are a few of the many factors that people are particular about. Good thing, if you are along our service area, we have the advanced units for your unique needs. Check out these newest YORK products which guarantee cleaner operations for the environment and better comfort and savings for you! Affinity™ Series Reward yourself with these advanced heating and cooling units and level up your comfort and savings ... Read More

  • 3 Things That Are Not on Your Holiday Wish List but Probably Should Be

    Many homeowners would include a brand new phone, TV set or tablet on their Holiday wish list. But have you tried thinking of a more salient gift this season? Check out these 3 important gifts a typical homeowner in St. Louis, may receive aside from the crowd-pleasing tech gifs. Programmable or Smart Thermostat Are you still using an old, manually operated thermostat? Now’s probably the time for an upgrade. This simple yet very important component of your heating and cooling system should be given proper attention, especially now that the cold season has finally arrived. Without the programming functionality in your thermostat, you cou... Read More

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