• 2020 Trends In The HVAC Industry

    2020 is officially here! Want to know the HVAC trends that will heat up this year? Then you’ve come to the right place! Environmental Heating & Cooling will discuss some of the hottest trends that will rock the HVAC industry this year. So, sit back, relax, and keep reading! Smart Thermostats Number one on our list is the smart thermostat. This device is loaded with unique features such as voice control and motion sensors. Plus, you can create your heating and cooling schedules. Most models have Wi-Fi compatibility feature which allows you to conveniently access and control your indoor temperature anywhere, anytime. Green Technology ... Read More

  • Start the New Year with an HVAC Maintenance Plan

    A well-performing HVAC system is every homeowner’s desire. But how can you achieve the kind of comfort that lasts? Read our blog to find out why an HVAC maintenance plan should be on your New Year’s list. Boosts Your Unit’s Efficiency With regular inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of your HVAC, you can be sure that your system will operate efficiently and effectively year-round. That means big energy savings and a comfortable home. A well-maintained unit saves you from the inconvenience and unnecessary expenses. Get Priority Service A malfunctioning HVAC during a cold winter night is extremely unimaginable! When you sign up for the ... Read More

  • How Important is Good Ventilation in Your St. Louis, MO Home?

    Air quality is a crucial factor in keeping comfort and well-being inside your home. Aside from air purifiers and regular HVAC maintenance, another way to maintain healthy indoor air quality is securing proper ventilation. What does a good ventilation system offer? Read on to find out. Reduces Condensation Issues During the cold season, there is a greater difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures that is why condensation is prevalent. When the heating unit is turned off, an excess amount of moisture forms which causes droplets of water. Your home may become too damp if condensation is left to develop over time. Too damp indoo... Read More

  • Prep Tips For Your Heating System This Winter

    With winter on the doorstep, no one wants to get caught up in the cold without warning. That’s why getting your heating system ready before the busiest time of the year should be on top of your list. Check out these helpful tips from Environmental Heating & Cooling and have a worry-free holiday season! Keep the Vents Clear A dirty and blocked air vent can cause poor airflow and increase your energy bill. Not only that, it can lead to excess moisture and leaks in your ducts. Many homeowners often overlooked their vents and have suffered from these unpleasant situations. Go check your house and make sure your vents are clean and f... Read More