• Top Benefits Of A Mini Split Air Conditioning System

    Mini split air conditioning units are also called ductless A/C systems, and they are making a name in the industry nowadays. Are you also wondering why more and more homeowners are shifting to this type of A/C for their St. Louis, Mo home? Check out these amazing benefits that a mini split A/C offers! Small Size Mini split A/Cs are small units which make them ideal in areas like the garage, individualized rooms, and apartments. They can be installed in the walls an even in high-up areas. You can find a lot of designs that can perfectly blend with the unique style of your home. Ductless Among the big consideration wh... Read More

  • Suffering from Allergies this Spring? Fight Back!

    Swollen eyes, sore throat, runny nose- this isn’t the type of spring experience you want to have! Spring allergies can make us miss every beat of our daily life during the wonderful spring weather. No matter how much you try, somehow it always finds you... If you are in St. Louis, MO and in need of helpful tips to fight back spring allergies, take these easy but effective suggestions from our indoor air quality experts at Environmental Heating and Cooling. Limit your time outdoors. It is during the spring season that trees release billions of pollens in the air. When inhaled, these can trigger allergic reactions and cause gre... Read More

  • Time To Replace Your A/C?

    When the mid-summer St. Louis heat has finally arrived, the last thing you would want to experience in your home is a failing air conditioning unit. Yet as we all know, air conditioning units can fail anytime of the day, especially now that they’re running in full blast to keep you comfortable. If you’re caught off-guard this summer and find yourself needing an A/C replacement in St. Louis, MO, we know you’re going to have questions. That’s why, as your trusted HVAC company in the area, we give you these insider tips before you make that big purchase. Your Guide to Making Good Choices Here’s a guide in choosing the right air co... Read More

  • 5 Symptoms of A/C Compressor Failure

    Is your air conditioning unit acting up? While there are simple electrical and mechanical issues that can be easily solved, there are also those which need professional service technicians. Take the case of a failing A/C compressor. If you suspect a problem in this part of your unit, you are in big trouble. What’s The Role of the Compressor? The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning unit. It pressurizes the refrigerant so it can absorb heat from the air and release them outside. When the compressor fails, it will require expensive repairs and may even call for a system replacement. So, if you think you should worry, you better ... Read More

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