Start the New Year with an HVAC Maintenance Plan

A well-performing HVAC system is every homeowner’s desire. But how can you achieve the kind of comfort that lasts? Read our blog to find out why an HVAC maintenance plan should be on your New Year’s list.

Boosts Your Unit’s Efficiency

With regular inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of your HVAC, you can be sure that your system will operate efficiently and effectively year-round. That means big energy savings and a comfortable home. A well-maintained unit saves you from the inconvenience and unnecessary expenses.

Get Priority Service

A malfunctioning HVAC during a cold winter night is extremely unimaginable! When you sign up for the maintenance program, you don’t need to wait in line for repairs. Instead, you’ll get the top spot on their priority list—and that is something you could really appreciate. They’ll provide immediate service for your HVAC equipment.

Extends Lifespan

Another benefit of the maintenance plan is a longer service life for your comfort equipment. No one wants to spend money on replacing an HVAC system that was purchased a year ago, right? By following regular HVAC maintenance schedules, you can extend your unit’s lifespan and save money on repairs.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Dirt, mold, and other pollutants have their way to infiltrate your home and HVAC system. These unwanted substances can pose a threat to your home’s comfort and family’s health. With the maintenance plan, your unit’s vital parts, including air filters, will be routinely checked and cleaned. This way, your indoor air quality will be safer to breathe, minimizing the risk of allergy symptoms and other respiratory ailments.

Gives You Peace of Mind

HVAC maintenance plan protects your system from sudden breakdowns or surprise malfunctions. That makes it a good investment because you and your family can enjoy uninterrupted comfort throughout the year. It can spot every problem at an early stage, preventing it from becoming a major emergency. So you can rest easy knowing that your unit won’t let you down during the coldest winter night.

Sign Up Now!

Don’t deprive yourself of these benefits of the HVAC maintenance plan. No one else deserves optimal comfort and savings except you and your family. Start the New Year with a healthier and safer living environment. Contact Environmental Heating & Cooling today to learn more about our customer confidence program.

How Important is Good Ventilation in Your St. Louis, MO Home?

Air quality is a crucial factor in keeping comfort and well-being inside your home. Aside from air purifiers and regular HVAC maintenance, another way to maintain healthy indoor air quality is securing proper ventilation. What does a good ventilation system offer? Read on to find out.

Reduces Condensation Issues

During the cold season, there is a greater difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures that is why condensation is prevalent. When the heating unit is turned off, an excess amount of moisture forms which causes droplets of water. Your home may become too damp if condensation is left to develop over time. Too damp indoor atmosphere is a possible breeding ground for mold and may also lead to damage of furniture and fabric. Adequate ventilation can prevent the accumulation of too much condensation inside your home. By ventilating the home in a central position, your indoor environment will be relieved of stale and stagnant air. Thus, what you get is a healthy and condensation-free atmosphere.

Makes a Healthier Indoor Environment

Flu, allergy, and asthma cases are prevalent in the cold months. You become more prone to health-related problems when your home has an ineffective ventilation system. How? The airborne detritus that thrive in too humid environments can easily multiply and cause allergic reactions to your skin. Since ventilation systems allow proper air circulation, humidity is controlled, and harmful microorganisms are reduced. If you have asthma, you can find immediate relief when a proper ventilation system is fitted in your home.

Reduces the Effects of VOCs

You are probably not aware of the harmful chemicals lurking in your home. These are called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are commonly found in home products such as air fresheners, cosmetics, permanent markers and many more. There are a lot of negative effects of exposure to a high concentration of VOCs, and you would not want any of your loved ones to suffer from this chaos. And you do not have to as long as there’s a proper ventilation system that allows air circulation and helps dilute VOCs inside. Do you experience any of these in your home? Talk to an experienced HVAC and ventilation expert in St. Louis, MO. Give us a call at Environmental Heating and Cooling today!