Fun Fall Activities to Beat the Cold

Fall is officially taking over, and it’s that time of the year where things start to slow down. The daylight becomes shorter, and the temperature gradually cools down. Well, let’s start the heating season with a bang! Here’s a list of fun activities to beat the cold:

Up, Up, And Away!

If you have never hiked before, now is the perfect time to go out of your comfort zone. Hiking trails are full of fun and great for your body. It helps you build strength, improve your bone density, and take your stress away! Take your friends or family and enjoy this wonderful experience with them.

Who Doesn’t Love A County Fair?

Tis the season for fair fun! Don’t miss out on hitting a few rides, play carnival games, and grab your favorite county food. What are you waiting for? Get up, keep going, and have some merry-go-round.

Splash All You Want!

Though the cooling season has ended, September remains the hottest month in some areas of Missouri. Get some relief, put on your swimwear, and head to the beach or pool. Don’t forget to bring some snacks or ice cream, too!

Stop, Look, & Be A Tourist

Set a day to visit museums, check out new restaurants, or walk in your local park. There are a lot of things to see that you just haven’t taken the time to look at. You will be surprised how this can be an interesting way to welcome autumn.

Go Camping & Enjoy A Bonfire Night

What could be better than going out camping, spending the night with your loved ones, and gazing at the stars? Good times await! So, plan an amazing trip, get ready for laughter, and chill out.

Let’s Go Classic

It’s never too late to experience some of the old-school stuff—drive-in theaters! This classic outdoor fun can make you feel special. You get to watch a movie under the stars or barrage of rain with your special someone, and that is something you will not forget.

Enjoy the Heat of Your Furnace

Make the most out of the season while taking a cup of brewed coffee and savoring baked cookies with your family. Enjoy the heat provided by your furnace and delight in the company of the people dearest to you. Fall goes by in a flash, so make every moment last with these fun activities, and you will be able to look back with no regrets! Share your story or adventure with us on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to hear from you. Keep checking our blogs at Environmental Heating and Cooling for more cool posts!

7 Bad Habits of Wasting Energy

We can’t deny the fact that we are guilty of some bad habits. Without paying much attention, we could be losing our hard-earned money in an instant. Find out what energy-wasting habits you need to avoid in the future. Get ready as we bring it on!

Using Traditional Bulbs

Did you know that incandescent bulbs consume a huge amount of energy? One way to lower your electric bills is by using LEDs (light-emitting diodes) or CFLs (Compact fluorescent lamps) with Energy Star label. These lights are more energy-efficient and can last longer than traditional bulbs.

Letting the Fans On in Empty Rooms

Letting your fans on in empty rooms is another energy-wasting habit. Remember that fans can raise your comfort because of the “breeze” effect, but not in rooms. If ever someone is going to use a room, you can turn on the fan and set your thermostat higher. In this way, you can stay comfortable and save energy, too.

Putting Off the Upgrade of Your HVAC System

Many homeowners are putting off the upgrade of their HVAC system. Perhaps a busy schedule or tight budget could be the reason. The truth is that an outdated unit can be the culprit of your high electric bills. Using a newer model can cut your energy costs by up to 30%.

Leaving Your Electronics Plugged in the Whole Time

Believe it or not, but these sneaky energy vampires can bleed you dry. Leaving your electronics plugged in the whole time even though you’re not using them still draw electricity. Here are the tricks to slay them:
  • Unplug your devices when they’re not in use.
  • Use a smart power strip to switch them on and off at the same time.
  • Upgrade to Energy Star appliances.

Forgetting to Replace Air Filters

It’s easy to forget the things that are out of sight. This is especially true with air filters. Most homeowners tend to overlook air filter maintenance task. Your HVAC system is forced to work harder when the filters are clog with airborne pollutants. We strongly advise you to replace air filters every three months. You may also create a simple reminder on your phone to keep you up to date.

Running Half-Empty Wash Load

Do yourself a favor, load your washing machine fully. This will not only save water and energy, but it will also make your wallet happy.

Not Using A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a smart device designed to avoid bizarre energy consumption. It is more accurate and convenient compared to the old ones. If you are still using the manual type, switching now is a wise choice. You can start saving more by being mindful of these energy-wasting habits. For more helpful information, keep checking our blog at Environmental Heating and Cooling. Or, if you just need more HVAC tips, feel free to get in touch with us!