Top Benefits Of A Mini Split Air Conditioning System

Mini split air conditioning units are also called ductless A/C systems, and they are making a name in the industry nowadays. Are you also wondering why more and more homeowners are shifting to this type of A/C for their St. Louis, Mo home? Check out these amazing benefits that a mini split A/C offers!
  • Small Size

Mini split A/Cs are small units which make them ideal in areas like the garage, individualized rooms, and apartments. They can be installed in the walls an even in high-up areas. You can find a lot of designs that can perfectly blend with the unique style of your home.
  • Ductless

Among the big consideration when installing an A/C is the big renovations for the ductworks. If you have limited area for the ducts, shifting to a mini split unit is the right choice since it operated without the need for complex ductwork installation.
  • Energy Efficiency

A centralized A/C may require you to cool the entire house all the time, even those who are not occupied. With mini split systems, you have full control over the temperature in each room. A typical A/C unit operating with a duct system can consume 30% or more energy in its operation while a mini split unit only uses as much energy as needed for occupied rooms.
  • Easy to Install

Mini split units only take hours to be professionally installed in your home as compared to the days and week-long installation for duct systems. This is especially helpful when emergency replacement is needed in the middle of the long hot summer day. With a mini split unit, you’ll have your comfort back in no time!
  • Quiet

If you are disturbed by the loud operating noise of your big, centralized air conditioning unit, then you can enjoy the silent performance of a mini split system. You won’t even realize it’s on.
  • Better for the Environment

The increased efficiency of mini-split systems reduces your home’s carbon footprint. Since units can be individually mounted to any rooms, you can cool a certain area without wasting energy on the others. Additionally, the components used for mini-split systems use less amount of energy than their traditional counterparts. You’ll enjoy great savings in the long run while taking part in caring for the environment. Don’t be the last to enjoy these great benefits plus more! Are you ready for this major A/C upgrade? Talk to our experts at Environmental Heating and Cooling for a free estimate!

Suffering from Allergies this Spring? Fight Back!

Swollen eyes, sore throat, runny nose- this isn’t the type of spring experience you want to have! Spring allergies can make us miss every beat of our daily life during the wonderful spring weather. No matter how much you try, somehow it always finds you… If you are in St. Louis, MO and in need of helpful tips to fight back spring allergies, take these easy but effective suggestions from our indoor air quality experts at Environmental Heating and Cooling.
  • Limit your time outdoors.

It is during the spring season that trees release billions of pollens in the air. When inhaled, these can trigger allergic reactions and cause great discomfort in your health. Refrain from going out during those times of the day when allergy reports are high. Stay inside during windy days and early morning hours.
  • Protect yourself early on.

Don’t wait until your eyes get watery and you have non-stop sneezing before taking medicines. If you’re prone to allergies, we recommend you take them at least a week before the seasons begin. That way, your medicine will be at your system the time you need it.
  • Take a shower on peak allergy days.

Pollens will always find its way to get inside your home. They can sneak in your clothes and shoes or stick in your hair and skin. After a long day outdoors, be sure to take a good bath before lying on your bed or sofa. You should also leave your shoes and jackets outside and have one for inside use only.
  • Wash beddings, clothin, and pets often.

Allergies are tracked on pets, shoe, and guests. Since you can’t prevent people or pets from moving from one place to another, it pays off to wash your clothing and beddings more often, especially the sofa cloths and covers. Your pets should also be cleaned and groomed regularly.
  • Control humidity.

Molds can also cause allergies, and they thrive in too moist environments. Use a dehumidifier or air conditioning units to help keep the humidity balanced inside your home.
  • Schedule regular A/C cleaning.

Don’t let a dusty air circulate in your home continuously. If you want to fight back allergies, you should include cleaning your HVAC system in your long to do list. This may include changing or washing the filters and scheduling a duct cleaning service. Environmental Heating and Cooling is your local HVAC and IAQ expert in St. Louis, MO. If you need help with your HVAC system or want to learn helpful tips to keep allergies away in the spring season, feel free to give our professionals a call!