3 Things That Are Not on Your Holiday Wish List but Probably Should Be

Many homeowners would include a brand new phone, TV set or tablet on their Holiday wish list. But have you tried thinking of a more salient gift this season? Check out these 3 important gifts a typical homeowner in St. Louis, may receive aside from the crowd-pleasing tech gifs. Programmable or Smart Thermostat Are you still using an old, manually operated thermostat? Now’s probably the time for an upgrade. This simple yet very important component of your heating and cooling system should be given proper attention, especially now that the cold season has finally arrived. Without the programming functionality in your thermostat, you could be missing out on the comfort and savings you deserve. Smart and programmable thermostats offer huge benefits including automatic control of the operation of your units, fast and easy access to the settings, and over $180 annual energy savings. If you are planning to upgrade your existing thermostat, you have a lot of options to choose from. Brand New HVAC System How old are your heating and cooling systems? Are they more than ten years old already? You may not know it, but this might be the right time for a brand new unit in your home. Shifting to newer and more efficient models of furnaces can give you real benefits especially in reducing your energy consumption. As compared to the old brands of furnaces with 60% AFUE rating, the newer models can reach up to 98%. This means that 98% of the fuel consumed by your unit goes to heating your home. Be sure to ask for assistance from a reputable HVAC company as to what type of unit fits your household demands. Home Maintenance Plan The best way to ensure that your comfort systems are in tip-top shape all year-round is by being vigilant on the maintenance service schedules. Enrolling in a home maintenance plan for your HVAC system helps ensure the proper operation of your unit. You don’t have to add the task in your long to-do list; the company you’re enrolled to will remind if it’s time for your service. A home maintenance plan includes a thorough cleaning of the components and safety inspection of the operation of your device. This helps recognize problems and provide solutions to small glitches before they become major issues in the system. Only you can grant these three important wishes this holiday. Treat yourself with these friendly items and ensure safety and efficiency in your St. Louis, MO home. If you need help fulfilling all these wishes, feel free to call us at Environmental Heating and Cooling!