5 Reasons Your HVAC System Needs Fall Maintenance

The weather is changing and sooner or later, you will be more concerned about getting heated than getting cooled. The advent of the cold season means another challenge to your HVAC system. Unless you want to experience a compromised comfort in the long cold days, you better give your unit its maintenance service as early as today. If you are still in doubt of the importance of a maintenance check, we give you these five good reasons why fall maintenance is crucial to your comfort and convenience when the temperature starts to drop.
  1. Keep Things Clear and Clean
Surely, your HVAC system has been running in full-force during the summer season, and there is already a considerable amount of dirt accumulated in the components of your system. Fall is just the right season to deal with this mess and get rid of dust, dirt and particle build up that slows down your unit’s operation. Additionally, be sure to put a reasonable amount of clearance on both your indoor and outdoor unit to keep the proper airflow. Sometimes, bushes grow abundantly, and leaves get stuck in your unit’s surface and hinder the airflow. Maintenance check confirms proper clearance to keep your unit working efficiently.
  1. Maintains Your Unit’s Efficiency
HVAC systems are great energy hogs in homes. The energy usage of your unit can double or triple if it’s not properly maintained. By testing the motors, keeping an eye on the fluid levels, examining leaks and performing the needed inspections and repair, your unit will surely work efficiently which results in a lower energy bill.
  1. Preserves Your Indoor Air Quality
Without regular HVAC maintenance, your unit might be blowing dirty and contaminated air inside your home which can put your health in danger. Especially now that the weather is starting to cool and you will spend more time inside, it’s crucial to keep your indoor air quality healthy all the time. Maintenance check includes regular air filter replacement which helps in keeping your indoor air clean and safe.
  1. Prevents Costly Repairs
If you want to get one step ahead of expensive system repairs, invest in a regular HVAC maintenance service. Your contractor will keep an eye on your unit to make sure that every part is in good condition, thus saving you from major issues, system breakdown, and early replacement.
  1. Ensure Your Safety
It’s not just the expensive repairs and breakdown that you need to pay attention to when it comes to running your HVAC system. Your safety is also a great consideration. HVAC maintenance service includes checking for leaks, carbon monoxide inspection and detecting potential safety issues inside your home. These undertakings will surely give you peace of mind during the long cold nights and days. Do not be the last to experience these great benefits and more! Schedule your fall maintenance service at Environmental Heating and Cooling today, and our experts will take everything from there. Give us a call now!

How To Save Your Indoor Air Quality from Summer Chaos

While summer is a great season for outdoor camps and treats, it is also the time where air pollution is at its worst. If you think it is only an outdoor issue, think again. Your indoor air can be more contaminated than the outside. That is why your indoor air quality is something you need to pay extra attention to during the hottest period of the year. But don’t worry. We can help you stay fresh and cool in the dog days without compromising your indoor air quality. Read below for some tips that you will find helpful in your struggle to keep your indoor air safe.
  • Make sure that the vents are clean.
A dirty vent means a dirty indoor air. How does it happen? As the process of producing cool air continues, we cannot deny the presence of too much moisture in your unit which triggers the growth of allergens and molds. These, as well as the dirt and dust, can accumulate in the vents, and when the air passes through, it distributes these contaminants to the different parts of your home. Be sure to keep the vents clean for it will give you great comfort and lower energy bills to pay.
  • Allow fresh air to get inside and refresh your home.
Be sure to do this for a short period and with your air conditioner off. Or else, you will be throwing away your dollars in the form of wasted cool air. Letting in the fresh outdoor air will restore your home, replacing the stale air you have inside. Introducing fresh air now and then also limits the growth of air pollutants inside your home.
  • Keep humidity out.
When your home is too humid, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew and greatly allows dirt accumulation and pest infestation. Humidity is typically in excess in areas like the basement, attics, and crawlspaces. Proper insulation can be your best defense for this problem. You can also make use of dehumidifiers to keep humidity at normal range.
  • Keep a properly maintained air conditioning unit.
Since you will be using your air conditioners for the summer months, it is just right to keep it running at its best shape. Maintenance services include cleaning of parts, air filter replacement, and making sure that air moves properly through your vents. This will not just save you dollars on your energy bill; it will also give you a healthy and safe indoor air to breathe. Follow these tips and summer will not be an issue to your indoor air quality. If you need professional help, feel free to call us at Environmental Heating and Cooling today!