5 Useful A/C Energy Saving Tips for Small Businesses This Summer

This hot season, businesses have to pay attention to their cooling systems to avoid costly A/C failure and breakdown. Remember, even the slightest dip of warm weather can have a serious impact on employees’ performance and efficiency. Your commercial A/C units have to run flawlessly as much as possible especially during summer.

Run your commercial air conditioning unit all day long while getting significant energy savings with these tips.

1.       Invest in Energy Audit

How does an energy audit offer extra savings on cooling costs? It helps you identify the precise baseline energy usage on a monthly basis. Energy audits also provide a crystal clear outline for effective means to save energy at the workplace. Ask a professional to conduct a full inspection of the building to check insulation problems, air conditioning issues and more.

2.       Involve Employees in Energy-Efficient Practices

If you are looking for ways to lessen energy costs in the office while your A/C units are running on full blast, you should engage your employees with a plan. Inspire them to save energy in their own way. A day-to-day activity in your workplace can be stressful and hectic. But, you can inject some tricks on energy-efficient practices in between.

3.       Clean and Replace A/C’s Essential Parts

Your commercial air conditioning system can quickly accumulate dust, dirt, bacteria and other air particles. Hence, you should focus on regular cleaning and maintenance. Keep the condenser, ducts and air filters clean for the system’s optimum efficiency. Or, replace filters at least once a month. Call us at Environmental Heating & Cooling for specific guidelines on vent and filter cleaning and replacement

4.       Change to a Smart Thermostat

Are smart thermostats worth the investment for energy savings? More businesses are shifting to a smart/programmable thermostat to save on electric costs. You should too! It can manage your building’s temperature better than you do. Newest models of smart thermostats have energy-saving features that your business can take advantage of.

5.       Get Regular System Maintenance

Schedule a maintenance A/C tune-up more often than you used to. Do it before the peak of the summer season to determine and address minor issues before they become threats to your business. Servicing your cooling system regularly saves you from unplanned breakdown and other related problems.

Secure a seamlessly running commercial A/C unit this summer with these easy-peasy but expert tips. Call us at Environmental Heating & Cooling for more incredible but useful tips on energy savings today!